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Can I Get Grants To Pay Off Student Loans?
Once you have student loans to help pay for school, you may be concerned about how you're going to pay them back. This is especially true if you have multiple student loans. The organizations that lend money to students have repayment plans, and usually have low interest rates, but you may also be curious about getting help to pay back your student loans. In fact, you may have even heard people talking about getting grants to pay off student loans, and wondered if this is a good option for you.  


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What is a grant?
  A grant is one option available to students who need help paying for school. Unlike a loan, a grant doesn't need to be paid back. They are similar to scholarships, but often have fewer eligibility requirements to them, and are given out from federal institutions rather than private organizations or schools. Since most grants are given out from federal institutions, it's important for you to fill out the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid through your school's financial aid office.  
How can I get a grant?
  The best place to find out about grants is through your school's financial aid office. Your financial aid representative will be able to give you information about different grants you're eligible for, and even help you fill out grant applications. Some schools even offer grants specifically for their school that are awarded based on your grade point average when you start school.

You may also be able to find private grants through different organizations whose grants are specifically to pay back student loans. These grants are different from the ones offered as part of your financial aid package each year. Your school's financial aid office will probably have information about these private grants, as well as eligibility requirements and applications.
Can I get grants to pay off student loans?
  There are grants available to pay off student loans. They may be available through your nursing school, through a healthcare company, or through a private organization. Your financial aid office will probably have a lot of good resources for you about these grants and grant programs, and may be able to help you apply for them or get in contact with the right people to get the application process started.

Be sure you know all the requirements for the grant before you agree to it. You don't want to be surprised by something you have to do down the line, or forget something and have to pay back your student loans instead of having them forgiven. You may have to volunteer with an organization a certain number of hours each week. You may have to commit to working in a particular healthcare facility for a certain number of years. Or you may have to maintain a certain grade point average throughout nursing school. These requirements should all be laid out as part of the application process, so make sure you understand them, and ask any questions you have up front.

It is possible to get grants to pay off student loans. For those who have multiple loans, or a large amount due to a lender, this can be a good option. Rather than making payments on a student loan every month for years, you can look into institutions and programs that will pay back your student loans in exchange for you meeting a certain set of requirements. If this is something you're considering, make sure you do all the research you can ahead of time, ask lots of questions, and make sure you understand all that would be expected of you. Then, if you move forward, you can concentrate on your education without worrying about how to pay back your student loans down the road.
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